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DT Economics welcomes a new associate partner

DT Economics is pleased to welcome Andrew Williams-Fry as an associate partner.

Andrew is a regulatory economist and an advisor on government, public policy and consumer affairs. He has 20 years of experience as a regulator, a consultant and leading the regulatory and government affairs teams for major companies, from the C-Suite.

He has held senior roles at Thames Water, Gatwick Airport, NATS air traffic control and Mastercard, developing corporate and regulatory strategy. Andrew has advised on regulatory and competition issues in financial services, aviation, payments, water, rail, crypto currencies, road transport, postal services and utilities sectors, as well as merger clearance and anti-competitive abuse cases and regulatory appeals. He has worked with organisations and regulators in the UK, the EU, the Middle East, Asia and Australasia.

Andrew is currently one of 8 advisers to the UK Government Business Secretary and Ministers on regulatory issues, as a Board Member of the Government’s Regulatory Policy Committee (RPC). The RPC helps the Government in its development of new regulation and Andrew has advised on key new regulatory policies over the last 4 years.

Sean Kennedy, partner and Chief Operating Officer, said “Andrew is a welcome addition to our senior team. His extensive corporate experience and breadth of sectors strengthens our capabilities and widens the scope of strategic economic and regulatory support we can provide our clients."

Andrew said “I am very pleased to join the growing and capable DT Economics team and look forward to helping our clients develop their strategies, support their regulatory objectives and, ultimately, grow value.”

To read further about Andrew's experience, click here.

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