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Our competition

1. Mergers

What's at stake? 
Applying a deep understanding as to how competition authorities analyse mergers early on in your corporate expansion strategy can make the difference between success and costly failure.  We act as merger decision-takers and have experience guiding companies through the process. We advise on mergers outside of the UK market

Appointed as deputy chair of an inquiry into the completed acquisition of various local radio stations by the Bauer Media group

How we can help
Examples of mergers 

Appointed as a panel member for the proposed merger of Experian and Clearscore in the UK market for the provision of credit-score checking and financial product comparison services


Supported a third-party in its submission to the European Commission in its Phase 1 investigation of Ziggo / Vodafone merger

2. Market investigations

What's at stake? 
If your market is susceptible to an independent investigation from a competition authority, you need to understand what that means for your business and how your senior management will respond. We have experience of both running market investigations and helping corporates respond to them

Mark inv


Advised a leading private healthcare provider throughout a competition authority's investigation into private healthcare provision

How we can help
Examples of market investigations


Advised a UK building society in the context of the CMA’s market investigation into retail banking

Advised a UK telecoms operator in relation to Ofcom’s fixed access market review

Comp law
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