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Our expert witness experience

1. Case strategy

What's at stake? 

Choosing an independent expert just in time for the preparation of a report is often a false economy. Your expert should be able to help you shape the development of your case strategy, particularly in shaping the discovery process.


Advice to a client and its lawyers in the development of its case in relation to a dispute between two mobile operators in Africa

How we can help
Examples of case strategy


Appointed as an expert for an interconnect dispute between a fixed and mobile operator in an Eastern European country


Advisor to a technology company in a two-sided market in relation to the CMA’s investigation into abuse of dominance in the provision of electronic platforms for supply, maintenance and repair of motor vehicles

2. Expert appointment: Liability

What's at stake? 
Choosing an expert on liability separately from your quantum expert may expose your case to unneeded risk

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Loss of profit determination for an executive for early termination of his contract with a major entertainment and leisure company

How we can help
Examples of liability


Economic expert and advisor to European financial sector regulator in relation to misconduct in the foreign exchange market and the impact of the alleged misconduct on a bank's profitability


Loss of profit determination on behalf of a leading industrial technology firm in the UK in a dispute with its major supplier 

3. Expert appointment: Quantum

What's at stake? 
Whether the expectation of quantum is in the millions or billions, it is critical to have a credible and robust quantum expert to be able to report definitively on your case.

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Economic advisor and analysis of quantum for a defendant in relation to a follow-on damages claim in the UK High Court in the European copper tubes cartel

How we can help
Examples of quantum


Developed a DCF economic model to assess the lost profits suffered by a major car manufacturer in the UK as a result of a dispute with a supplier


Retained as an expert witness to develop counterfactual valuations and provide testimony in an international dispute between shareholders and management of the business regarding business strategy of a West African mobile operator

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