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Working as

Members of the DT Economics sit on decision-making panels on some of the world's most respected competition and sectoral regulators 

David Thomas is a specialist member of the UK's competition authority. He sits on panels of independent decision makers on mergers, competition cases and regulatory appeals.

Dr Lara Stoimenova is a former case director


and Markets Authority, UK

David Thomas is a member of various decision-making committees, for competition, enforcement and settlement  at the UK's regulator for payment systems


Payment Systems Regulator, UK

Lara Stoimenova is a board member of Jersey’s competition and sectoral regulator.


Jersey Competition
and Regulation Authority

David Thomas is a member of decision-making committees, for competition and enforcement at the UK's financial services sector regulator


Financial Conduct Authority, UK

David Thomas is a member of the Consumer Panel, which acts as a critical friend to the UK’s civil aviation authority, the CAA. David’s role relates to providing input as an economic regulatory expert.


Civil Aviation Authority, UK

David Thomas is a former  director of competition and regulatory finance at the UK’s communications regulator

Dr Lara Stoimenova is a former principal economist

Ofcom, UK

Sean Kennedy is a board

member and treasurer

of the IIC


International Institute of Communications

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