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Our regulatory

1. Regulatory frameworks

What's at stake? 
With the migration of copper to fibre, the evolution of technology standards, the rise of the digital giants and the need for ubiquitous availability speed and quality, regulators around the world need to reassess their regulatory frameworks on a regular basis

Advice to a Middle Eastern regulator on creating the overall framework for communications regulation for the country. This included the strategy for the development of that framework over a three-year period

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Examples of regulatory framework

Advice to a Caribbean government on the complete overhaul of the regulatory framework for the communications sector. The multi-year project involved drafting new primary legislation, creating a new regulatory body and providing that new regulator with a suite of new regulatory policies

Advice to a small island competition and sectoral regulator in relation to the proportionality of the framework required to manage regulatory risks effectively

2. Policy development

What's at stake? 
The development of policy is becoming ever more of a challenge due to the increasing degree of interconnection between elements of the sector

Pol dev

Members of our team have personal experience of developing policy as senior members of regulators such as Ofcom, the CMA and JCRA

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Examples of policy development

Performed a comprehensive benchmarking study across 16 countries on approaches to retail and wholesale price regulation in each country


Advised the GSMA and provided an expert report on resetting the competition policy framework for the digital ecosystem

3. Regulatory strategy

What's at stake? 
Facing increasing regulatory uncertainty and change in your markets means that your strategy needs to be kept up to date and aligned with your overall corporate strategy

Reg strat

Appointed as the strategic economic advisor to the CEO of the fibre access business as it progressed through legal separation from its parent company

Advice to a Middle Eastern incumbent operator on the setting of access prices to its network. Included building an economic model for the business

Advice to a Western European incumbent operator on its weighted average cost of capital (WACC)

Advice to a US technology company on its market entry strategy for a number of European markets. Our focus was on the potential regulatory risks and compliance issues in relation to IoT

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Examples of regulatory strategy

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