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DT Economics promotes David Darwin to partner

Updated: Aug 10, 2022

Our clients tell us that DT Economics provides an outstanding service, bringing our deep international knowledge and experience to deliver innovative solutions. Our experience as regulators is of particular benefit to them” David said. “I’m proud to be a part of a firm that provides clients with such great attention and care and tailors its assessments to the local context. I’m happy to join the talented and committed team here as a partner.”

Sean Kennedy, partner and chief operating officer, said, “We are delighted to welcome David to the partnership. He has contributed hugely to the firm over the last few years, and we look forward to his continued success.”

David has served as an Associate Partner with the firm since early 2020, during which time he has assisted in and led the firm’s engagement as appointed experts in major arbitration and litigation matters in the UK, Central and South Asia and West Africa, acted as senior advisor on issues of telecoms regulatory frameworks and licensing practices and directed key projects across the firm. In addition, David has advised clients on a range of regulatory issues across the United States, Europe, the Middle East and Asia, including IoT and cloud authorisations, drone regulation, price controls and the assessment of wholesale network arrangements.

In his new position, David will lead the firm’s work on issues including market access initiatives, engagement with US law firms and tech companies and licensing and legislative frameworks globally.

Prior to his work with DT Economics, David worked around the globe with telcos, governments, regulators and other organisations, including the GSMA. He brings to the firm a depth of experience in legislative frameworks, licensing and competition policy in advanced and developing markets.

In addition to his consulting experience, David practised telecoms regulatory law in the Washington, DC, offices of two global law firms, working with leading telecoms operators and was seconded to one of the US’s largest mobile operators. His practice areas included use of customer proprietary network information, net neutrality, law enforcement requests, spectrum renewals and swaps, outage reporting, state licensing applications and other FCC issues. David is also a registered solicitor in England & Wales (he is not engaged in practising law either with DT Economics or externally). David began his career as a special assistant to US FCC Commissioner Deborah Tate and later as a US Fulbright Scholar in the Kingdom of Morocco.


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