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We work across the globe for over 150 clients

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  • Algeria‭: ‬Djezzy‭, ‬GSMA

  • Democratic Republic of the Congo‭:‬ GSMA

  • ‮‬Equatorial Guinea‭: ‬Hits Telecom

  • ‬Ghana‭: ‬NCA‭, ‬Vodafone

  • ‬Liberia‭: ‬Orange

  • ‭‬Mauritius‭: ‬Mauritius Telecom

  • Morocco‭: ‬GSMA

  • ‬Nigeria‭: ‬GSMA‭, ‬MTN‭, ‬NCC‭ ‬

  • South Africa‭: ‬ICASA‭, ‬MTN‭, ‬‬‭Smile Communications‭, ‬Telekom

  • Tanzania‭: ‬Tanzania Telecoms

  • Tunisia‭: ‬GSMA


  • China‭: ‬Ministry of Industry and Information Technology

  • Georgia‭: ‬Government of Georgia

  • Hong Kong‭: ‬Hong Kong Telecom‭, ‬OFCA

  • India‭: ‬MTNL‭, ‬Tata Communications

  • Japan‭: ‬Softbank

  • ‭‬Kyrgyzstan‭: ‬Beeline

  • Myanmar‭: ‬Confidential entity

  • Pakistan‭:‬‭ ‬GSMA‭,‬‭ ‬Pakistan Telecommunication Company Ltd

  • Russia‭:‬‭ ‬MTS‭, ‬Rostelecom‭, ‬Veon‭ ‬

  • ingapore‭:‬‭ ‬IMDA

  • Sri Lanka‭: ‬Sri Lanka Telecom

  • ‬Thailand‭: ‬NBTC


  • ‬Albania‭: ‬ALBtelecom

  • Channel Islands‭: ‬CICRA‭, ‬Jersey Post‭,‬ JT Global‭, ‬States of Jersey

  • Czech Republic‭: ‬O2

  • France‭: ‬Orange

  • ‬Germany‭: ‬Deutsche Telekom

  • ‬Hungary‭: ‬Magyar Telecom

  • ‮‬Italy‭:‬‭ ‬Wind Tre

  • ‬Ireland‭: ‬Babcock‭, ‬ComReg‭,‬‭ ‬Eir
    ‮‬Lithuania‭: ‬TEO

  • Netherlands‭: ‬O2

  • Poland‭: ‬TPSA

  • ‬Portugal‭: ‬Altice Portugal

  • Romania‭: Telekom Romania

  • ‮‬Spain‭: Telefonica

  • ‮‬Slovakia‭: ‬Slovak Telekom

  • Switzerland‭: ‬Swisscom

  • Turkey‭: ‬Turk Telekom

  • UK‭: ‬3‭, ‬BT‭, ‬EE‭, ‬HMRC‭, ‬Ofcom‭, ‬Orange‭, ‬The Number UK‭, ‬Phone-paid Services Authority‭, ‬Royal Mail‭, ‬Virgin Media‭, ‬Vodafone Group

  • ‬Ukraine‭: ‬Ukrtelekom


  • Bahamas‭: ‬BTC‭, ‬Government‭ ‬of Bahamas‭, ‬URCA

  • Brazil‭: ‬TelComp

  • Belize‭: ‬Belize Telemedia

  • ‬Caribbean‭: ‬Digicel

  • St Lucia‭: ‬Cable‭ ‬&‭ ‬Wireless

  • USA‭: ‬AT&T‭, ‬FCC‭, ‬MetroPCS‭, ‬Qwest‭, ‬Tech Data

Middle East

  • Afghanistan‭: ‬ATRA

  • Bahrain‭: ‬Batelco‭, ‬BNET‭, ‬TRA

  • Iran‭: ‬MTN

  • Iraq‭: ‬Communications and‭ ‬Media Commission

  • Jordan‭:‬‭ ‬GSMA

  • ‮‬Kuwait‭: ‬Kuwaiti government

  • Lebanon‭: ‬LibanCell

  • ‬Oman‭: ‬Omantel‭, ‬TRA

  • ‮Qatar‭: ‬CRA

  • Saudi Arabia‭: ‬CITC‭, ‬ITC‭, ‬Saudi Telecom‭ ‬

  • UAE‭:‬‭ ‬Etisalat



  • Australia‭: ‬Australian government‭, ‬NBN Co‭, ‬Telstra

  • New Zealand‭: ‬Chorus‭, ‬Spark

What our clients say (move up)

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General Manager‭, ‬Strategy and Business Operations

National fixed line operator

I can highly recommend DT Economics for its regulatory insight and fresh thinking.”

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