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An economic
consultancy with
a difference


Regulation‭ | ‬Competition‭ | ‬Expert witness

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DT Economics


We are an economic consultancy with a difference: we sit on decision-making panels on some of the world’s most respected competition and sectoral regulators.


Our team


Our team includes current and former senior members within regulators‭, ‬former regulatory experts within operators and a former global leader of the economics practice of a‭ ‬Big 4‭ ‬consultancy‭

Our services


We draw on our expertise in economics‭, ‬competition‭, ‬regulation‭, ‬strategy‭, ‬finance‭, ‬accounting‭, ‬modelling‭, ‬law‭ ‬and engineering

Our clients


Our clients range from established blue-chip companies, network operators, regulators, and competition authorities. We also partner with the world's leading law and accountancy firms

OurTeam etc
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Our sectors
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Senior executive


“I have been impressed by their innovative approach and responsiveness to a changing brief"

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