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Ian Rowson
Senior Associate

Ian is associated with DT Economics and is a leading policy thinker and practitioner. He is a Chartered Accountant and practising economist with 30+ years of professional experience, particularly in economic regulation (utilities and infrastructure). 


He advises on a wide range of issues including regulatory strategy and regime design, incentive design, risk, financeability, cost of capital, competition, performance measurement, reporting and industry restructuring. He has worked at or closely with regulators on major transactions ranging from the NATS financial crisis following the 9/11 event, Railtrack’s collapse following the Hatfield crash and the RIIO-ED1 appeals to the CMA. He represents his employers and clients at the highest levels, in decision-making, negotiations, public presentations, court cases and appeals. 


Building on a foundation in audit, corporate finance and forensic advice at KPMG, Ian held senior advisory and policy-making roles with government and regulatory bodies, which includes being on the Advisory Panel on Consumer Prices for the ONS, Chair of the Cost of Capital Working Group at the UKRN, the Customer Engagement Group at Cadent Gas, and Associate Partner of RIIO Finance and Investor Relations at Ofgem.

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