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Dr. Chris Pollard
Senior Advisor

Dr Chris Pollard is associated with DT Economics. He has been a telecoms and IT consultant for over 35 years and his specific areas of expertise allow him to provide a combination of quantitative business analysis and regulatory policy development. He is an acknowledged expert in both quantitative business analysis and analysis of the impact of regulatory change. 


His early experience focused on market analysis and business strategy in the UK and Europe and in particular the development of forecasting and analytic models for the rapidly developing UK mobile sector in the 1990s. Following liberalisation in many Middle Eastern countries, Chris helped to establish the newly formed Telecommunications Regulatory Authority in Bahrain in 2002 and served as the Economic Director for the TRA in 2003-4 where he was responsible for economic aspects of regulation such as the identification of relevant markets and determination of dominance, interconnection and access regulations, retail price controls, accounting separation, cost of capital and universal service obligations. Chris subsequently provided regulatory strategy and business advice to a number of regulatory authorities and operators in the Middle East (Bahrain, Jordan, Qatar, Saudi Arabia and United Arab Emirates) and Asia (Thailand, Samoa). 


More recently Chris has focused on both quantitative business and regulatory analysis consulting providing strategy and policy, market analysis, costing and economic analyses to financial institutions, regulatory authorities, enterprises, operators and utilities in the UK, Europe, the Middle East and particularly Southern Africa. His analytical and business modelling skills have been applied in a number of business case analyses and fixed and mobile network due diligence projects across Africa and the Middle East.

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